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fakes and imatations


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Hi Peeps,

it would be nice to have a "fakes and (bad) imatations" section in this forum. If I figure out how to post pics here I will show you why I feel it should be apart of this discussion forum:-(

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this seems like a good idea, i'll add to the list first..... most liscenced floyds suck the big one, except for a couple of the higher end ones made by ibanez (don't see vai complaining), and propbably a couple others i haven't heard of or played yet.... when in doubt, spend the extra 20$ and get the real thing man..

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this is for all crappy products or work done on guitars from companies trying to make cheap copies of very expensive guitars,reguardless if it is paint ,hardware or in my case a very bad copy of Steve Vai`s vine inlay done on a fret board.AS soon as I figure out how to post fotos I will post a pic or 2 of this not so good work.

Peace Rick

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