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Comic book graphic


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I LIKE that idea!


Where's my warhol book?


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heh, he's selling it on the jcf, too... :D (glad to know we're not considered the "other" board)

on his own site, there's hi res pix of it. you can see the back of the paper coming through...it's definitely not painted on there, but carefully applied comic book pages.


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I'd recommend using a spray adhesive since regular glue may make the backside bleed through (visable) if your going to use standard comic book pages with print on each side.

There's also a problem with the glue making the paper "grow" from the water in the glue.

Spray adhesive, or contact adhesive isn't water based so it won't get absorbed into the paper like that. Contact and spray adhesives cure faster too.

I guess the only other tip is to dust the first few coats of clear to reduce the risk of having the ink run.

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What did you do so the paper wouldn't wrinkle around the edges of the body?? Did you wet it first?

Nice job, I'd prefer some Hustler pics :D

No water was used,the corners were actually sliced(thinly with a very sharp blade) and over lapped slightly,with the idea being once the rest had been finished it'd be right up against the edges and keep it looking "semi" proffesional lol

I did start a "hardcore" xxx finish for a friend,but he's dissapeared so it's on hold :-(



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