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Neck Speed Problems

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Hi, Not sure if this is the most appropriate part of the forum to ask this question but here goes:

I have an Acrylic BC Rich Mockingbird with a Rosewood neck. I really don't like the way the neck plays. It is difficult for me to move my hands quickly up and down the neck. It plays much slower than the neck on my telecaster for example. I would describe the problem by saying it feels as if there is too much friction. My question is, how can I improve this? A polishing or cleaning of some kind? If one of these can anyone suggest a good product to use for this? I don't want to replace the neck because the headstock does not seperate from the neck and matches the clear green acrylic. This isn't the hugest problem ever but I would really like to improve it if I could. Thanks in advance.

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How long have you had this guitar? Sometimes you have to break into guitars by playing them for a year or so. My first guitar I bought I loved it for 6 months, hated it for about 3, was okay with it for another 3, and now I've grown to it so much that I am extremly picky when it comes to playing other guitars (perhaps whats happening with you, the mockingbird and the telecaster).

It could be because of the radius (curve of the fretboard). BC Rich radius I believe are 12, whereas fenders are I believe are 9-1/2 (if it's a modern one. Vintage is 7-1/4).

Do you sit when you play, or stand? Try adjusting the strap. My guitar was extremly uncomfortable because I could barely palm mute, but now it fits well.

Give the frets a good polish (check www.projectguitar.com there's a few tutorials there on doing a good fret polish)

Make sure you wash your hands before playing, because some of the oils in your fingers may be making you feel uncomfortable.

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what part of the neck is it that feels "slow" ? the fingerboard? or the back of the neck where your thumb slides ? and how old is the guitar.

the fingerboard it's self should be cleaned every couple months though regardless, you can pick up some cleaning solution at your local guitar shop, and use some ultra fine steel whool to polish the frets. be sure to use a guard for the finger board though


for the back of the neck you can use the same steel wool or 600 grit sandpaper (or higher for a lesser effect) to give the back of the neck a "satin" feel, however this WILL affect the look and the guitar will have to be wet sanded and re-buffed if you dont like that "satin" feel or look.

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Thanks for the quick responses.

Sepultra, I play mostly standing up though when it gets to heavy (It's VERY heavy!) I play sitting down (Mockingbird is one of the few BC rich body shapes that don't murder you when you try to play sitting). I also play the guitar fairly high on my body when standing. I think it has to do with the finish or something on the fingerboard, so I'll give it a good cleaning and report back.

krazyderek, yes it is the fingerboard that feels slow. The guitar hasn't seen much use because I didn't like the stock pickups (I got it used about a year and a half ago), but I recently replaced the pickups and want to get it going again (It's an amazing "show" guitar). I'll definately pick up some cleaning solution, and if i still don't like the feel I'll steel wool the frets a bit. Is there an easy way to make that little plastic fingerboard protector dealy?

Thanks guys.

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Is there an easy way to make that little plastic fingerboard protector dealy?

exacto knife and a ruler :D

i feel kinda stupid i forgot this, put on a new set of strings and get some "fast fret" or i use a product called "finger ease" basicly oil to help your fingers slide across the frets and strings, some of it helps prevent corrosion on strings too.

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For cleaning the fretboard, you can either go with the cleaning kits from various guitar stores, or you could head to your local hardware store and pick up a bottle of naptha and a bottle of lemon oil, and have a lot more supplies for less money. As for polishing the frets, while steel wool and the acrylic thingy works well, you can also get your hands on some 8000 grit MicroMesh sandpaper online, which works amazingly well, and you needn't mask the frets.

Just some things to think about.

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Guest gsr-guitars

After cleaning, get some fast fret. I'm guessing there are mixed opinions on that one - but I think it does wonders...

(whoops - just noticed fast fret has been mentioned already, consider my post a vote towards that one!)



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