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Repairing An Old Fiddle

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There's already a thread about a bass being restored, so heres my thread about an old fiddle I'm repairing (NOT restoring) for a fella.

Here's the violin as I got it:


Here's my progress on my journal:


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when was it made?

lots of times the labels inside are wrong, back in the day, violin makers would make up a date so the violin would seem older then it really is. I've played violin for 8 years and I just got a fullsize violin about 4 months ago. it was pretty old but the makers had made it seem even older by making fake cracks and leaving the finish out in the sun so it would get messed up looking and rubbing rosin into the finish in the bridge area. I don't particulary like the effect but it was the one I had available and its really bad for a violin to refinish it.

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According to what is written right on the inside of the back, it was made by a Polish immigrant named Peter Pelech on Jan 31, 1919, in the mining town of Hillcrest, Alberta. I looked at an Alberta genealogy website and found the name Peter Pelech listed, so I'm fairly confident the instrument was made in 1919. I can tell he was Polish because he used the word 'dnia', which means day/date in Polish. I don't see any reason for it to have been faked. Most faked dates are on violins attempting to be 'Strad's' or 'Amatis', etc.

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I'd say it's fairly good, somewhat 'beginner'. It has good fluting on the edges, the shape is real clean. Only the linings around the c-bouts on the inside are shaped on the exposed edges, though, but it has cornerblocks.

I've only taken quick readings with my thickness caliper, but the graduations seem a little uneven. Also, the back arching seems abit 'goat backed', or 'pinched', meaning it has a slow, high rise instead of rising right from the edge.

Scroll is decent. There seems to be some of the original varnish color in areas of the scroll, and it appears to have been a very red violin, earlier back.

I'm no expert, though.

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