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Quilted Maple Top

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I needed a bookmatched top and back for the guitar I'm currently building. One set was $85 and the other was $90. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about 1/4" thick maple. These sets were already bookmatched and each piece is 1 1/16" thick! I was able to get a really sculpted carve with that thickness. Each piece was about 20" long by 8" wide, AAA.

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Wow that sounds like a pretty good deal! I see a big variety of prices with maple and actually most figured wood. Rich was telling me the same thing about the range of maple. It depends a lot on the person that grades it and what he or she thinks is 5A or 3A. Most of the time though it seems they do a good job of being consistent with grading.

One thing about figured wood is that I like to be able to pick out the piece, because I've found some lower grade figures that I like better than some regular strong figures. And once in a while you come across a piece that is totally unique, like the piece I just got from Fryovanni. He has a bunch of very nicely figured wood at great prices, this piece I got wasn't one of the most expensive but it had a very cool pattern that I liked very much, and he even said it was different, it wasn't really a flame it was more of a stepped figure. So I got it and am very happy I did and I can't wait to get the guitar done. I'll post the pic of the piece I got, it's a link from Fryovanni's page so you can see it's dimensions and price. His stuff is fairly inexpensive for the quality you get, at least in my opinion. At most places you will pay a lot more especially if you want something thick enough for a carved top.

Maple top from Fryovanni

This is a decent pic, but I will try to get a better one. It's extremely hard to show how great wood is in a pic, this piece in real life is amazing, but all the pics I have taken don't show how good it really is, I just got some naptha and wil get a couple pics tomorrow. So this is Fryovanni's pic from his page. Good luck finding some wood!Jason

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The price for figured wood in general really varies with the look and what person who is grading thinks. The best thing you can do is look everywhere you can. That will give you a general idea of pricing. Find the piece that looks like what you want and if the price is not out of line buy it. Don't limit yourself to just one source. A couple of key things to be aware of though. If the piece has extra color price should drop. Do not buy green wood, unless you are comfortable drying wood and again price should drop. Be sure you get well surfaced material if you pay for a top set ( this should be a given). A person can do very well to buy thicker blocks and re-saw the material for sets, again if you are able and comfortable doing this. There are many good suppliers, you should review some of the topicss that list suppliers. Maybe even take a look at the piece Drak just picked up (I think it is posted in the auction section), it is a great looking piece. Good luck!


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