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If I Keep The 5 Way Swith With 2 Hums?

grape nut

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hey, I've got a few questions. one, I have a strat body (3 single coli pickup) sammick and I'm replacing 2 humbuckers I got off of ebay. I know I shouldn't do that but they claimed they were off a 2003 santana SE (PRS) and I was wondering if there was anyway to tell. but thats not really my question.

I want to keep my 5 way switch and split the wire and put the neck pickup to the neck and mid switch positions, will this work?

if it will, I want to hook up the second tone knob to the mid position and spit the wire on the front for the bridge and neck, and create an equalizer effect on the neck pickup. Will it create the equalizer effect. if that doesn't work I'll just split it for the neck and mid.

is this all worth it, and more work than it sounds?

one last question. I don't know how to remove the pots and knobs to replace the pickgaurd, how do I do that? they're all on a metal foil.

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I'm not quite sure what you are doing, but I know that the 5 position switch is very versitile. You can certainly wire it up as Neck-Bridge-Bridge.

What I wasn't sure about from your description was what you intended to do with the tone control. Do you want an EQ for just the neck pickup, or do you want it to work as neck tone-bridge tone-bridge no tone? Either are possible I suppose.

To remove the pots and stuff. Remove the plasticy knobs and all should be clear. Use your eyes and pick the tool that's right for the job to remove the nuts and screws that you see. The foil that's stuck to the underside will stay on the pickguard. It's just there as a sheild to keep noise down.

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