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Permanent tuss rod adjustment...

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I have a Squier II strat that I got for like $50, and it had this horrible fret buzzing, I had done everything I knew to try to fix this (tuss rod adjustment, raising the nut, wedging paper in to angle the neck) to no avail. So just now, as a last resort, I was tightening the tuss rod up and pop! it twisted right off. Well, in deep remorse, I put the strat back together and put strings on it (so I could hang it on the wall and never play it, or put it on ebay) and it sounds way better than ever and darned near perfect (for a squier) the buzzing is GONE... does anyone know why this happened? I just can't figure it out...and... is there any way to get a (broken) tuss rod out without removing the fretboard? thanks



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You have definetely broke the truss rod... it doesn't take alot of movement to adjust one... You should have only moved it in 1/4 turns... then tested to see the relief at the 7th or 8th fret.. with the first fret held down by a capo and pressing down on the last fret... it should measure from .005" to .012" or so with a feeler guage... also my guess is you didn't loosen the strings tension at the tuning gears... which is strongly recommended... Being a Fender I'm thinking the best thing to do is order a neck that will replace it.. since the Squire neck might not be worth saving.. unless you want to do alot of fret work and such on top of replacing the truss rod.... but hopefully Brian, LGM or someone else who is skilled in this area might give you a better suggestion... Basically the guitar plays better because now that the truss rod is broke it probably has the right amount of relief now.. which ironically means that the strings are pulling the neck ..which won't stop and will probably get too much relief down the road.. from the tension... what it also tells you is that you was turning the truss rod the wrong way .. since adding relief to the neck straightened out your problem.. you should have been loosening the rod instead of tightening it... Good Luck..


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