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Fixing a Single Coil directly to body

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My project guitar is coming on nicely now, but i have encountered a problem. The body i have (rear routed superstrat) has a single coil pickup cavity routed into the neck position. No big deal. However, i have never come accross one of these before (newbie!). How do i mount a single coil into this route so its height can be adjusted? Is has no mounting ring like a HB and i dont know what to do!

Secondly, is it worth aluminum shielding the pickup cavities, will that help reduce noise?


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yes, sheilding is always a good idea. U can buy single coil pickup rings, i don't know where off the top of my head, but if u do a couple searches on google u should find some. Or if u want to go the direct mount rout, the easiest way to do it is use some wood screws with to attach the pickup to the guitar and place a spring on the screw between the bottom of the pickup and the wood, that should keep the pikcup pushed as high as the wood screws will allow, then just tighten them to get the desired height.

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