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Files To Get?


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I've finally gotten around to building my own neck instead of cheating and buying one. I'm to the point of making a nut and doing a fret job.

I've got literally tons of solid surface scraps so that's what I'm going to use. I need some advice on what file to get for working the nut slots, and also what files to get to do the fret work.

I've made a "planer' to level the frets out of 8/4 maple that uses stick on sandpaper. and I made a side flush and bevel gaget that uses a file.

Stew- mac and LMII sell a wide variety of files at a wide variety of prices and I don't mind dropping some money, but I'd like some input from folks who have actually done a bunch of frets and nuts.

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I use a combination of these:




And these:


I have various sizes from 0.010" - 0.120". They are well worth the investment.

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I agree with MATT's response. LMI sells a set of nut files from Ibanez that is a little cheaper than the Stew-Mac set. A carpenter's level with a good straight edge and adhesive sandpaper is good for fret levelling ... or if you have the cash get one of the Stew-Mac flat-machined beams for levelling.

For the nut you will need files/saws slightly smaller than the strings you want to use. You can use just about whatever you like and can find for the fretwork. It's largely a matter of preference. One of the Stew-Mac nut seating files can make your life a lot easier too.

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I've got a razor saw already with three different blades so that's taken care of.

I'm going to get a Gurien style crowning file. LMII seems to have a good price and their service is tops. I'm also going to get a rounded triangular file from them.

Thanks for the tip about Warmouth. That's about $30 difference and a buck is a buck. I'll pick up a set.

I'm going to use Corion for nuts only because I've got leftovers from countertop jobs in about thirty different patterns, so I can play aroung with it for free and learn what I'm doing.

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