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Hey Brian

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Hey Brian, I'm starting my first guitar and thought of a good tutorial for you to make on and put it on the main page, it's not actually a tutorial but I think it would help many people out.

This being my first guitar, I find that I am stressing out over actually ordering the hardware, am I forgetting something, do I actually need this. On the website, you should have a checklist of things needed for building a guitar.

This would make things a lot less stressful and probably more productive for more builders.

Just a thought,


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A breakdown of all the different parts involved would be a good idea, Could be for each area such as a seperate one for the neck so people that want to start from complete scratch can do so :D

Maybe break down the check list further by what kind of guitar you are building. For example, fixed bridge or tremolo, etc. That would be a pretty cool little page, me thinks.

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B) Yeah do it! I am all ways stuggling trying to think what i need , Is it the right width And that

Cheere Rob :D

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