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A new Acoustic from LGM Guitars

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Well, this probably should be in the acoustic section, but that section just doesn't get as much traffic and I'm proud of this puppy, I wanna show it off!! LOL

besides, this is inlays and finishing chat, and it's inlayed, and has a finish on it, and it's almost finished LOL!!!!!! I just need to leave it strung up a couple days to let the wood move under tension and then I'll take it apart once more, and finish the whole thing! But man is looks sounds and plays great! :D





yeah I know there's dust on the headstock,and I haven't cut the low E short yet, but come on, I'm not finished yet LOL!!!


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Hey guys, thanks for the kind words.

The guitar is as follows,

Rosewood back and sides

Sitka Spruce top

Mahogany neck

Ebony fretboard

Abalone/brass/gold/wood inlays

Dunlop 6140 frets (Universe frets LOL)

The Volute on the back of the neck (the diamond shape) is for added material for a little extra strength. I believe it's a martin idea.

The action is really low, less than 1mm at the 12th, it plays beautifully. It has a Fishman transducer piezo pickup in it, and it sounds phenominal!

The neck profile is close to what a slightly narrower Universe neck would be, but little thicker. There is quite a bit of abalone in this guitar, the neck inlay, headstock inlay, bridge inlay, and the neck heel are all abalone

It's a wonderful guitar, I am very happy indeed :D

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