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Has Anyone Ever Done This Before?


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L.R.Baggs T-Bridge

I saw this and an Idea came to me about using this in a guitar. Thing is im planning to use an EMG81 in the bridge poisition and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience of this bridge and integrating it with other active pickups.

L.R.Baggs also make an onboard mixer/preamp (details HERE) but this seems to be for passives and something tells me that I wouldnt be able to use actiuve pickups with this.

Anyone have any advice?

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Q. Can I use the Ctrl-X with active magnetic pickups?

A. Yes. The output of the active magnetic pickups can be wired to the Ctrl-X just like the passive ones.

So, yes, it'll work with EMGs - the MIMF preamp probably won't work as well unless you mod it to delete the active input stage for the magnetic pickups. And while you can probably buy the parts for the MIMF pre for less than $30.00, there's no guarantee that you can build a reliable, quiet preamp from them unless you've got a fair amount of experience and technique. Add in the small package, pre-wired harness, integral mono/stereo switching and Baggs' reputation, and less than $100US doesn't sound all that expensive.
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