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Quilted Walnut...

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I was watching a woodworking show the other day on tv and the guy was building a bed... and on the headboard of the bed he used quilted walnut veneer... It was beautiful.. and was wondering if anyone else had seen a guitar that had been done with a quilted walnut top.. because I'm thinking about trying it out on a guitar I build later on.. Thanks


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Yes, I've made a guitar with a highly figured Walnut top.

I bleached it, then dyed it a slightly reddish hue, it seemed to need the red highlights to make it look 'guitar-worthy', otherwise it looked too much like a piece of furniture...I call it 'Bones', after Nigel Tufnel's T-shirt at the end of Spinal Tap. the figure in the wood looks very much like his 'rib-cage' T-shirt...:D

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