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Metal Covers Over High Output Humbuckers


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I'm not completely set on what pickups I want in my first project, either a pair of DiMarzios or Duncans, but I was wondering if it's possible to put a humbucker sized metal cover over them, with chrome mounting rings.

I suppose I'd have to 'pot' them, but I'm not sure how the whole process of that is done yet, or if it's suitable for modern high-gain humbuckers.

Just for reference, here is the rough design I'm thinking of building, and I'd prefer to use all chrome hardware :


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You could, methinks. The pickups will already be potted, although you may need to do it again to add the covers, and solder them on.

No difference between modern and vintage buckers in terms of basic construction. I have to say that I've never seen any chromed covers without polepieces showing for sale anywhere, so look for those first. Alternately, more simply, just get some buckers with chrome covers on them already. Making your own chrome covers seems like a crazy amount of work. On that design, I'd actually consider something like an EMG-type cover, plastic maybe, and continue the paintjob over the pickups and mounting rings.

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