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Auto Air And Createx Paints...


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They're made for under 2 part automotive urethane finishes. They are water based and have to be sprayed in very light coats. But yes to you're question it should spray fine.

Thats not to say it wont work under lacquer. Haven't tried it under lacquers personally.

Anyone else tried it?

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PM "LGMguitars" or "LGM", sully. He is our local createx master.

Nope anymore, he graduated to "better" things.

jsullysix if you do a search on createx here you will find that several people still use it. Daveq and me are some of the ones left. And I use them under DEFT nitro, so it is a good choice if you were using laquer...

They are a great paint for base coats, but I think that to use them with a paint gun is a bit too much, they like, as mentioned above, to be sprayed in thin coats. I do mine with an airbrush, and you can set a lamp on them to help them dry faster with no complications, as a matter of fact on the Createx site they give this as a good suggestion to have the paint cure faster and better.

Here are 2 links to my last guitars, Gold with cooper pearl as a burst headstock and body and Pearl Green with translucent teal burst. Here is a link to their site,


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thanks guys... i have read that the createx has to be done in very thin coats, so i figured that if anything, i'd use my detail spray gun for it. they do have some neat colors, and they also seem to be a little bit less money than some of the automotive urethanes i'm using. that's not to say that i'm trying to be a cheapass or anything, but i'm open to options that work well.


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