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Lumber Dimensions

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It seems like he is trying to take the oppurtunity to stock up on blanks for future projects, all of which he hasnt planned out yet. Heres my take;

Fender style neck blank- 27"X4"X3/4"

Solid body blank- 16"x20"x1 3/4"

LP neck w/ scarfed headstock- maybe 30-34"x4"x3/4"

LP neck from one piece- 3"x3"x27-30"

I cant say for sure about the LP neck blanks as I have never done one but if you can just give the guy dimensions, those should get you what you need.

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I have no idea what kind of neck I will build in future projects. And when I get wood its usually free and I generally have to work around many strange dimensions. For neck wood I stay on the safe side and just get 2X4, a bit of extra wood there but those dimensions give me many options. I don't mind all that carving. :D If you wanted you could build a guitar body out of many small blocks, a few blocks or one big block. So width is relative. Surface conditions are also an issue to address. If the wood is rough cut then I would want something on the thick side, no less than 1-3/4" thick so there is room for making things flat and square. Body length depends on what you want to build, just measure a few guitars and then add an inch or two.

The main issue for me is finding the most a(n)esthetically pleasing areas and cutting to minimize wastage. Like I said, I get my wood free, thats stuff like mahogany, wrn. & eastern maple, holly, even got a thick chunk of redwood burl to play with. Its not easy trying to bring out the best qualities in a piece of wood that is not AAA+ grade. :D

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Thanks for the help guys, I am stocking up, I dont know what to build yet. I so far have a beautiful 2 piece Mahogany 18"x24"x 1 3/4"

Hmmmm. decisions, descions... I am so far thinking Tele body, Nashville pu config w/ strat neck pocket with a satin clear nitro finish. I have a carvin bolt on neck waiting for a body.

Would eventually like to do a Strat '57 v neck for it. possibly in mahogany/ebony.

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