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Locking Tuners

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I used the search function already, and was just curious if there were any other reasons for locking tuners on a hardtail setup besides....




Do they actually keep the guitar in better tune than a good set of grovers or schallers?

What about weight. Im already nervous about the guitar being neck heavy anyways.

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Don't think they make a huge difference (if any) in tuning staility on a hardtail, but they certainly don't harm stability, and string changes are a lot better. They are a touch heavier than non-locking, though, it's true, although Sprezel has an open-backed design that looks like it should save on weight. Grover's auto-lock tuners (never used 'em, mind) look like they might be lighter than most as well.

Oh, and my fave non-locking tuners? Gotohs. 510's if you've got the cash.

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I put the mini locking Grovers on all of my guitars. They only cost a few bucks more than normal tuners, so for me it's worth it.

I don't see why the mini Grovers would weigh more than regular tuners, especially since the buttons are smaller.

For me, they definitely add to the tuning stability--but then I'm a sloppy string winder, so anything to avoid that will help.

As for speed of string change....sure, if you get good at using them. The problem with the Grovers is you have to have the two holes in the tuner lined up just right in order to get the string through --and getting them lined up is a pain...I suppose if I were more careful about it, it'd go quicker. But as it is, I don't think it"s any faster than normal tuners.

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I've read that since there is less wraps on the posts on locking tuners that the sustain is increased, as well as stability. Mainly because the string doesn't sit back on itself in the wraps, thus muting itself in a way. This concept sounds legit to me, but what do you guys think, I use the sperzels and having nothing but good stuff to say about them. Tuning is also so quick, you can go from completely slack to perfectly in tune in a quarter to half turn of the knob. J

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