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Maple Fretboard Finishing


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It's truly a matter of preference. If you're using satin, I'd say go thicker. That way you can always steel wool it a little in the future to get some of that satin essence back. Playing the guitar will buff a satin finish out in high traffic areas. If you're going with gloss, you could go thinner. Or you could go thin with the satin too, just expect some wear, and then expect the Maple to get dirty.

To ask "as much as the body" doesn't help because I don't know what you do to your bodies. Definitely not as much as an Asian 1/8" poly finish, but perhaps as much or more than a vintage Fender/Gibson nitro finish.

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Thanks Frank. The satin finish I think will work best. I'll add a few more coats. I don't want the finish to easliy rub through.

When I said "as much the body" I should have been more clear. As clear as the clear coat of nitro I'm adding to the body :D .

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I have never owned a guitar with a Maple board before until i bought my Wolfgang special[for a song BTW].

I don't want it to have the appearance of a worn Maple board as i like it the way it

is,so is there some product that anyone could recommend for keeping it clean ?

I never bothered before as my others are rosewood and i like them worn,but the

Wolfie is my pride and joy and i want the board to look nice and clean.

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