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Ive Decided To Make A Template

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It looks pretty good, except for a few things:

1. It looks like you need to make the top waist (the narrow part) a little sharper.

2. It looks like, although the body outline is pretty much correct, you don't have the centerline right - it looks to be at the right spot at the endpin area, but angles to far down towards the lower cutaway towards the neck.

3. Your neck pocket is too long/your neck pickup is too far towards the bridge. The bridge side edge of the neck pickup should be on the line through the narrowest part of the guitar, while you have the neck side edge on that line.

4. Your bridge pickup is too far towards the endpin end of the guitar.

That's just the way it looks to me. If you figure out where the neck joins the body (which fret) on the 24 you want to copy, and mark your end-of-fretboard and bridge positions from that, you'll get the bridge and pickups placed much more accurately.

And to give some attention to the centerline - it really does look like it wanders to me.

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If you're planning on using your template as a router template, I'd suggest using MDF and not acrylic. I've got a full guitar building tutorial going that has just got past the template stage. You should check it out, it's VERY detailed, and hopefully if I'm explaining things in depth enough (which I think I'm doing pretty well at) you can't go wrong.

The threads here, go to the bottom, a guy listed the .doc file for me.

Template Tutorial


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1) Draw it out full scale, plans and everything.

2) Acrylic is nice for a master template, I guess, but if your template bit's ball bearing siezes up in the slightest/you pause a little too long at one spot you risk melting right through it. Quality birch ply or MDF make pretty good template materials.

3) The top half (horns) look disproportionately large compared to the bottom. I don't mind the difference between waist depth at one side vs. the other, but it's a little too pronounced hear, methinks. Maybe a tiny amount.

4) Most importantly, the neck/body join looks very, very wrong. Neck's joining the body at too high a fret, looks like you took a Les Paul (singlecut), and had the body join at the same fret. On my PRS-alikes I have the neck join the body at the 20th or 22nd fret. If you leave the design like this, the bridge will sit very, very far down the body, and the carve will probably look quite 'off'; right now, your bridge pickup illustration is right about where I'd be placing a bridge.

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