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Lo Pro Floyd 7 String Trem?

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I've actually been planning a 7 string as my next project, so I've been looking for a floyd rose, and the only 7 string versions I've found are the ibanez edge 7 (which I think is what would be on the korean bodies) and the lo pro 7 which is on the K7 and UV777. Floyd Rose makes the original in a 7, but no other version that I know of.

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So do you just want a licensed one without a logo? Or one made by Floyd Rose? There will be Korean and Japanese licensed versions out there, and I'm sure you could find one without a logo. The Korean one will be lousy with poor knife edges and soft metal, but JD was very proud of the Japanese one that came on the S7420 and it's peers.

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I know of two. I was planning out a Warmoth 7, then scrapped the idea but planned on using their 7 string trem, which is low profile - as far as i can tell from the tiny picture on their hardware page (the string lock bolts appear to be on top, rather than underneath like an OFR) - and I asked them what the make was and they told me Schaller.


The other one I saw on Allparts site, a TRS "PRO". Looks a lot like what came on Ibanez RG 7420's. $230.00 (pricey).

Allparts # SB_5355-010

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