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Is This Safe?


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Howdy folks B)

Just a quickie. A few years ago i bought a beat up jap strat for not to much $. It's right handed and i'm left handed. I figured if it's good enough for Jimi then it'll certainly do the job for me :D

When i got it i ripped out the middle coil as i found it just hampered my playing plus the fact i never use middle coils anyway. I also removed the two tone pots as they to got in the way. To make picking easier i then moved the volume to the middle position as seen here :D

Old Strat

And that was fine up until tonight really when i realised another problem with the guitar which has been there since the start but i just failed to realise there was something i could do. I was looking across a few guitars online and then all of a sudden the Frankenstrat set a burst of energy through me...

... 5 minutes later and this is what happened.


New Strat

Now that all the control are outta the way, buried in the cavity my question to you guys is, is it safe to just leave them dangling there? I don't know a fat lot about electricity, only that it's generally people like me that find themselves on the recieving end of a shock :D

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated B)


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Why would you do that? the frankenstein has the complete opposite part of the pickguard removed. You're kind of asking for shorts and broken connections with your switch and knob just dangling there. I can't attest to the safety of it though.

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Yeah i'm aware of the frankenstrat's scratchplate. I wasn't trying to copy it, it just gave me the idea to get those controls outta my way :D I'll fasten them down in there i guess. Just there was some sort of metalic shield on the underside of the pickguard, hope it didnt play to much of a part in protecting me from shocks :D

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Unless there's something SERIOUSLY WRONG with your other equipment (amplifier or wall outlet), there'll never be enough juice in your guitar for you to even feel it, no matter what you do with it.

And if there IS something wrong enough with your other equipment for your guitar to hurt you, it'll get you through the strings no matter where you stuck the controls :D.

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