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Pickup making supplies...


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Maybe i didn't look good enough.. but.. I couldn't find the answer in the supply section..

I know where to get wire.. but.. where do I get bobbins, base plates, pole pieces, and magnets?

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well personaly i like the neodym type rare earth magnets myself. did you know that if you ask people like seymour duncan for some dead pickups to practice on he will hook you up.

i asked him for a friend of mine some time ago, and i got like half a dozen or so dead pickups that i canibalized and started with and he also gave me a list of places to shop for the other parts u mentioned.

anyway hope that can help somewhat

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wel i am not suggesting that everyone of us calls emails or writes to him but i got the idea from the melvyn hiscock build your own electric guitar. since then i ask everyone fro free samlpes or dead product.. i get modems and pickups floppy disks from ibms

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