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Moving A Shop Is Hard Work!


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I'm currently moving my workshop, which is located in a 5'x10' storage room and a 10'x10' spare room of my house to my work. They are letting me rent a 12'x15' room they don't use.

Thursday I removed all the old office furniture that was stored there, then moved a mini-fridge, utility shelf and a shop-vac in on Friday and gave it a good vacuuming.

Today I was busy dis-assembling some of my tools to get them in my little two-door car. I got my thickness sander into three main chunks that could fit in my car, then drove 5mins to the new shop and unloaded and set it up....wasn't too hard....

I then spent quite a while fiddling with my edgesander. I took the platen/motor assembly off the base, but it still weighed probably close to 150lbs. I managed to get it down the stairs of my house, one step at a time, then hauled it into the front seat of my car (seat folder back). The table (which weighs like 70lbs alone) was in the back seat and the base stuck out the back of my trunk. When I got there one of my co-workers (who also plays in the CFL, BIG guy) gave me a hand getting it upstairs.

There is some hotrod place having it's grand opening right next door, so I won't bother them anymore today with my ugly car. :D Tomorrow I will try for the bandsaw, drillpress & dust collector....if I'm not too SORE! :D

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Tomorrow I will try for the bandsaw, drillpress & dust collector....if I'm not too SORE! :D

Well I was kinda sore, but I wanted to move more stuff. Here are a few pics as it comes along:




The only new stuff I bought for the new shop so far are the mini-fridge and the utility shelf. I want to try to keep everything on this shelf instead of putting holes all over their walls.

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I can't fully comment on it as I've only used it two or three times. A friend who builds acoustic guitars professionally uses the same brand, but larger version, in his shop. He's used it for at least 5years now, so it must be good.

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Moved some more today. I decided to make more room by combining my router table & 4x36 beltsander. I took the top off my router table and fastened it to the tool stand my sander was sitting on, then stuck the sander on top of that. Two bolts remore the sander when I want to rout:



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