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Petrucci Pups


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What kind of pickups were used in Petrucci's ibanez signature?I really like the tone he got out of them and was curious as to what they were.

AFAIK, he used a DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck and a Tone Zone in the bridge. Seems to be a good combination. I have a PAF Pro + Tone Zone right now, but am thinking about trying the Air Norton in place of the PAF pro.

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The pickups on all production Ibanez JPM-model guitars were:

BRIDGE: DiMarzio Steve's Special

NECK: DiMarzio Air Norton

NOTE: Pickups on the production models were direct mount (screwed to the body).

REFERENCE:  Ibanez Catalog Spec Sheet.

Oops... Well, at least I was half right. I seem to remember some big Ibanez endorser using the tone zone, though. Was it Paul Gilbert?

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Paul gilbert uses PAF Pros.

The ibanez guitars has the steves specials and air nortons. But, the air norton is in the 'wrong way round' with screw poles to the bridge.

The 7 string guitars had Blaze at the bridge and air norton 7 at the neck.

The current musicman sig guitars have slightly hotter versions (but noticably hotter) of these pickups.


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