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Scalloping With Block Inlays?

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It's totally possible with both ebony and block inlays. Ebony is just a bit more dense, so it's harder to work. You can have block inlays, but they either have to be very thick or they have to be installed after you scallop the board.



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Scallops are meant to be shallow! Anything over 1/8" is overkill IMO... And how about this



for factory block inlay scalloping.

And the only difference between the ebony and other woods is that it's harder to do, like Russ mentioned. So there is not problem on doing it.

If you are building your neck and are using shell (not plastic) inlays, I suggest you get the tallest fret wire you can get and scallop only to 1/16 or not at all. On plastics it is more forgivin, but once you start to file down shell, the color can change and make the inlay look bad.

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