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Building My First Guitar

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Well im going to start out on my first guitar, which will be a strat, sometime this month when i order my blanks from warmoth. I know exactly the way i want it to be i just need a little help choosing something major. I already have an alder body guitar, so i was thinking about making my strat a mahogany body with maple neck and ebony fretboard. My reasoning is the mahogany will add a warm tone and the ebony will give some articulation. I realize it wont sound like a regular strat which is fine with me.

Does anyone think this wood combination will work in the way i have described it?

Mahogany body

Maple Neck

Ebony Fretboard

Thanks for the help, once i know this ill add more info on my project!

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what about some saucy P90's (or even a P90 at the neck and buck at the bridge)

If I could I would use P90's for everything...even my classical  :D

Im not very experienced with P-90s but if you are and you want to explain a little about them to me and possibly some good models then please do.

P90's are single coils on steroids. I think they are great pickups, but they can be noisy. I do not know what your price range is, but a set of Rio's are good (Jazzbar/Bluesbar). My personal favorites are Lollar's ($$).

Good luck,


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