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Problems With My New Bandsaw.


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Having your blade tension to tight can also cause this. You also have to make sure your blade guides (both side and rear) are adjusted properly without to much slop and not to tight. Last of all, you have to make sure the wheels are adjusted to allow the blade to run true on them, most bandsaws have this adjustment for the top wheel only, but check to make sure if there is an adjustment for the lower wheel as well.

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What I always do when I'm changing blades(and the new blade is of a different size) is first loosen all of the adjustments along with the blade tension. I put the blade on and tension it. Then I spin the wheel manually a few times to let the blade find it's "groove" on the wheel. I make sure that the blade is perpendicular to the table lengthwise, then I push the guideblock and bearing for the top and bottom against the blade, making certain that the teeth are a safe distance from the blocks, and tighten.

Hopefully you won't have anymore trouble with it, but if you do, try that method.



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If this helps this is how I change a blade on a Delta 14":

-Unplug saw and remove other blade (usually I have to clean gunk off the tires before fitting the other blade)

-Insert different blade and tention (my saw tentions automatically, just a lever & a gauge)

-Loosen upper and lower guides so they do not touch blade

-Rotate upper wheel to run blade through

-At the same time adjust pitch/angle of (in my case) top wheel until blade runs in about the middle of both wheels smoothly, then tighten

-Adjust rear upper & lower bearings so they just DON'T touch the back of the blade

-Adjust side blade guides so they touch the blade lightly behind teeth (I use phenolic guides that are allowed to touch the blade)

-Replace table insert & table 'splice bolt?', then plug in saw and run for just a few seconds to make sure the blade doesn't fly off

I think that's it, just off the top of my head.

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