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Gibson Pickup Question

Jera Woden

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i have been shopping around for new pickups for my ivar johnson lp copy (its all maple it sounds good but weighs a ton) and i cant seem to decide what i really want.

mostly i listen to and play classic rock 80s rock blues jazz and some of the classic metal. bands like ac/dc black crows Gn'r queensryche ugly kid joe bb king etc.....

what im looking fr is a high output pickup with very good mids but not lacking in highs or lows. with a very good clean sound and good light distortion/ overdrive sound that is still capable of doing some heavy distortion/ metal sounds.

what i have so far is a few combos.

490r - 498t classic lp setup

496r - 498t should be a bit hotter

496r - 500t from what ive been reading this is more of a metal setup.

i have been looking only at bibsons cause its an lp copy and the dimarzios i have now suck bad for what i play i have looked at the 57 classics series and the burstbucker series but nither seem to be better than the cheaper ones.

so please help me and tell me why youre saying i should get any pick ups you recomend.

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evolutions sound like what you want

Actually, I'd recommend a set of Breeds over the Evos for the mids. Evos are razor sharp just like the 496/500 combo in my LPC. I'm just not a huge Dimarzio fan, though.

Duncan JB/Jazz or '59/'59 is tough to beat for modern and classic rock. If you want Slash tone but no power, meaning you'll HAVE to use a high-gain rig, nothing's better than a set of Duncan Alnico II Pros.

Run through some of the sound samples on Dimarzio's and Duncan's websites, too. They're pretty accurate.

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breeds are good, but not for hard rock really.


What kind of "rock" have you been listening to?

The Evo was designed for high-output soloing and shredding--a very hi-fi setup without going active and a touch sharper than the 496/500 Gibsons. The Breed was designed to warm it up a little and round-out the sound for thicker melodies and bluesier texture. I can't imagine why the Breed would be any less suitable for playing traditional-style rock when that's exactly what Vai and others use it for?

Like I said, listen to the sound clips and see if you can find guitars or even some CDs with the kind of setup you want on them. I prefer the sound clips just because they aren't put through the same kind of processing and mastering that tends to make all guitars sound the same on the CDs these days. I swear, you use to be able to tell what kind of guitar and what kind of pickups someone was running, but with all this nu metal you can play a Dano loaded with lipsticks and the engineer running Pro Tools can make it sound like an R9 LP every time.

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