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Crate's Lead Tone Control


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I saw Crate's VTX amps have a kinda 'tone' control called shape for their lead channel, instead of 3 band EQ.

Their description of what it does is this:

Rotating the control counterclockwise

enhances the mid frequencies, while rotating the control clockwise enhances the low and

high frequencies.

Would there be any way of implempting that into a guitar? I'm thinking that would be a pretty cool thing.


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Crate's "shape" control is essentially the same implementation as Marshall's "contour" control on their ValveState amps. Here is a PDF of the schematic for the Crate VC508 which uses this same implementation as it's "tone" control so you can see how it's wired:


It wouldn't be a good choice for a guitar tone control unless you also install a preamp - the insertion loss of of this circuit would result in a loss of volume.

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