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Laminated Body


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If i were to laminate two pieces of bubinga, 7/8" thick to create a body 1 3/4" thick would this work? or is it best avoided? i am sorry but i'm new to this if its a stupid question.

my thinking behind it being if you can put on a maple top, 1/4" thick, why not make it the same material but half and half thickness?

this is only due to wood i've seen available...

cheers :D

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I'm a first timer two and I'm doing exactly what your talking about except for the thickness. My pieces are 3/4" thick so it will be 1 1/2" I hope thats thick enough.

Are you going to post your progress in the "In Progress and Finished Work forum"? I'm going to need these guy's to hold my hand through this so I'm going to. I've already taken some pics of the glue up and I'm sure there destined for the "What mistakes to avoid" thread :D

Good luck with your Explorer and I hope to see some pics.

Here's another thread http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...02&hl=two+piece I think I'm addicted to the search feature :D

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The Fender Rosewood Tele was made out of two halves that were hollowed out. Iv'e done it on a 5-string beech-wood bass. And that bodie were damn heavy despite the chambers. I gave it a sunburst with a solid color on the edges to cover up the joint. The "weneer between that halves"-idea is great. Whish I had thought of sutch a simple solution...

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