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Carve Top With Bolt-on Necks?

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ok, actually, now that i think about it i've seen more than one...


epiphone lp

variax 700

however, if you know of any others, please list it here (or put up some pics) :D !

maiden69... that is jaw dropping! has that ever been a gotm? if not, it should be! i want to make a bolt-on carve top, however, i needed some examples and inspiration. that is total inspiration.

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hey maiden69,

i was reading some of your past posts and noticed that you like recessed toms (i also like that look too) and prefer no neck angle. in the axe you posted in this thread, you have a recessed tom... were you also able to keep a zero neck angle on this axe too?

btw, this is the same concept i want to do with my current project... carve top, low profile bridge and no neck angle.

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I don't know if you can appreciated from the pic, but there is no neck angle on any of the guitars that I have made qith a TOM bridge.

Yes... but how deep is your neck pocket and what is the overall height of the neck at the heel?

I've been too busy to calcuate all of this. A quick answer would be awesome. :D


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Scale on the 7 is 25" The othe question I can't definately answer. As a rule of thumb I try to leave 1/8" between the fretboard and the body, and this has proven just about right for a recess TOM. Also the TOM is recessed far enought that the 2 E intonation screws can go as low as barely touching the body. Any deeper and you coudn't adjust the intonation.

For especific measerements, Isuggest you look into Guitarfrenzy's strat buildup... he has a great right up including most of the measurements

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