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f spaced humbuckers?


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The difference is F-spaced has the pole pieces spaced further apart. I don't understand why a dealer would price them out differently though, they should be the same price.

Here's a guide Humbucker Spacing Measurement from low-E to high-E Pole-pieces

F-Spaced Pickup: 2.00"

Regular Pickup: 1-29/32"

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F-spaced humbuckers, being wider, are made to fit guitars with trems for the most part. The suggested price is the same for both from what I can see (99.00), and the best prices I can find have only a $3.00 difference--$59.95 for regular spaced, and $62.95 for f-spaced. Here's the link:


Why do they have it at $3.00 more? Because they can.

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Actually, Brian sells the Dimarzio pickups on his website. He has both regular and F-Spaced for the same price (brand new) and in every color (most places don't carry different colors). I find that many places don't sell F-spaced pups of some models like the Air Norton, Fred, etc... which are pups I'm considering. If I get them and want F-spaced, Brian is the only one I have found that even sells them. Plus his prices are as good as or better than anyone else's. The only downfall for me is I'll have to pay FL sales tax :D

Check them out:


As soon as I decide which ones I want, I'll be ordering from Brian.

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if you need to buy di marzio 's do it! from Brian of course at www.universaljems.com

f-spaced is not more expensive than regular and it was designed for Floyd rose tremolo or modern bridges

I live in Italy and with ems shipping have received custom colors pick ups after only about 2 weeks.


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*goes mad* stuipd evolution on ebay being green... pffff and they won't ship to canada!!! grrrrrr!!!! And i have to pay importation taxes if i order from online stores in the states!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i just can't win :D

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