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Jackson Kelly-esque Plan/general Dimensions

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Well, I've talked my GF's bro out of the pointy ESP-style explorer into a more Kelly-esque explorer, but that means I need general dimensions for that one again. I do OK scaling using photographs, but if this has been done already, that would be good. I'm not looking for an exact copy, per se, but something in that shape family. Mostly, I need to know how wide it's going to end up being. I've checked my usual suspect locations for outlines and plans (don't use them much, has to be said), but no luck yet.


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For what it's worth, anyone who really wants to email Mattia (can't imagine why :D ) can click on his homepage link, and look at the 'contact' me section.

Mattia, to change your email privacy, goto your profile, and select the edit option at the bottom of the page. Then, from the menu on the left goto 'Options' - 'Email settings'. If you uncheck the 'hide my email address from other members' box, they will be bale to contact you via the board. Contrary to what the box suggests, other members will not be able to see you email address unless you reply to them, and spam bots won't be able to crawl the site and add the address to their spam lists.

I'd do it myself, but mod powers only give me the option to change your name, and instant messenger information. Oh, and your interests and signature too. Heh heh....

No! Must.... use..... powers..... for..... goood....

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