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Bluespresence Tribute Bass Inlay Ideas

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i really really think all these ideas threads should be put on hold until there is a clear project leader, and a list of the core group of volunteers. At the moment there is a nominations thread, and until that is closed and voted on, i dont think there should be threads made by people to try and get things happening. It will only upset the organisation of future teams/volunteers, whoever they may be.

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Hi Cliff.

Bluespresence is an internet name for a gentlemen that used to frequent here a lot. He passed away relatively recently and the forum decided to build and dedicate a bass in his honor. They are looking for an inlayer to do the inlays specifically for the bass.

I personally never knew him, but it's a just cause.



Oh- You know what assuming does .... :D

I agree though, it's an awesome name for a blues group.

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I'm going to close this one until the voting gets done... Or an Admin opens it.

Cliff check the following links so that you know whats going on. Steve (Bluespresence) was a moderator of the forum...




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