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Painting Over Chrome

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I tried painting over chrome today by scuffing it then painting it with cheap enamel spray paint.

I sanded the chrome down at the start till i could see a pinkish color in the metal.

It looked good after i finished it although some of the paint flaked off while i was cleaning it.

If i rub hard enough the paint will come off. Will it make any difference if i use primer?

How can i fix the problem? Is it the paint, lack of primer?

I heard that Dupli Color Metal paint should work.

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I just finished painting some chrome hardware, a Schaller roller bridge (just the frame) and a Gibson style stop tailpiece. I sanded with a relatively coarse 120 grit, then hit it with Dupli-color etching primer. You definitely SHOULD use primer, its made to stick to the roughed up metal and, in turn, gives a good base for your color coat to stick. I then used Dupli-color Van and SUV paint followed by Dupli-color clear coat. ALL of those paints I used are acrylic lacquers. If you start with one system then you should stay with that system.

HOWEVER :D I just finished shooting Varathane brand poly clear coat on my SG which was color painted with the acrylic lacquer. You can do that so long as the lacquer is well cured. The varathane is water based and relatively inert compared to the volatile lacquer. But you can't do it the other way, ie. lacquer over poly, because fresh lacquer will melt into anything it is laid down on. This can cause all kinds of problems.

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i painted a chrome piece without scuffing using enamel paint and let it cure for a day and it turned out good.

im not sure if the strings will scratch it so i sanded it back down.

i thought the curing time for spray enamels were quick but i guess i was wrong. Ill stick to enamel for today and see if it scratches tomorrow after curing.

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Go to an automotive parts store that sells paints and find some that's made for metal trim (no primer required), it usually comes in satin black and all you need to do is scuff the parts with Scotch Brite pad. Spray on a couple thin coats, you don't want it too thick or it will chip. Let dry for a few days, since you are in Australia a few days out in the sun should harden it up good.

If you have spray equipment the best thing to use would be an auto epoxy primer such as PPG DP 90 (satin black) it has excellent adhesion and dries super hard, but it's also very expensive and very toxic.

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