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My Wood Tube Screamer Clone

Paul Marossy

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Someone from the stompbox forum sent me this wood enclosure, which I have been told is made out of "canary wood". Anyhow, I put my great sounding Tube Screamer Clone in it. I think it turned out pretty nice. Check it out: http://www.diyguitarist.com/DIYStompboxes/WoodBoxes.htm

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wow that looks really nice! love the shaping to it. :D was it a freebie because if so you got a really good deal on it!

On a side note I've visitied your site a number of times and think its really great. I keep meaning to do some stopbox work and have most the bits I need bar the vero board ( I like working with it for some odd reason) and the components.....ok so I have boxes and jacks 'n' stuff like that :D

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:D if its a bowl blank maybe you could put a fuzz face clone in it Crafty :D


You know, I was just thinking the other day about building a fuzz pedal after noticing the Seymour Duncan TweakFuzz was made in China. Now I have an excuse to buy a lathe for cutting a bowl AND putting together a fuzz.

Genius. Pass the germanium transistors!

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Great stuff as always paul...

Now, if I were to build a preamp with mid boost and put it in an enclosure with a mahogony bottom and a AAA maple top in a tasteful sunburst...would my cheapo strat sound like a Les Paul?

Conversely, if I were to do the same thing in pine...would this effect the tone? pete

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