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Bogner Footswitch Help

El Dangerouso

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Normally, I can pretty much figure these things out, but I'm not making it happen this time.

I've got a Shiva. Two button footswitch, no reverb. Here's how they do the footswitch; they take a three button footswitch and cap the reverb part. So, I figure I'll get a two button footswitch to save some space on the old pedalboard. Got one, the channel select will work, but not the boost. I pulled them open. Please someone, tell me what to do.

Here is what I can tell by myself.

Bogner switch: Channel switch on one termianl has a common wire with the boost switch and this is connected to sleeve on the stereo jack. The other terminal on the switch is connected to a diode (looks like a 12V zener) and a 33 ohm +- 1% resistor. The diode and resistor are connected to the two seperate leads on an LED. Also on the diode LED lead is the tip lead for the stereo jack. On the other terminal of the boost switch are two resistors connected to the two LED leads. One is 41 ohm +- 1% and the other is 100 ohm +- 1%. The 100 ohm also has the sleeve lead from the jack wired to it.

New Switch: Channel switch has a 410 ohm +- 1% resistor on an LED lead and a lead to tip on the stereo jack on one terminal. On the other terminal is simply the LED lead and a lead to sleeve on the jack. On the boost is essentially the same setup, but with the lead on the resistor terminal going to sleeve. The LEDs are much smaller on this footswitch.

What do I need to do to get this bad boy to work? Do I only need to add a diode/resistor combo, or can I not get there from here?

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could you not just coppy the wiring of the bogner switch onto your new one? if the switches are the same size you could just de-solder them from the LED's and the jack on the bogner unit and put them in the new one that you've bought. If you could draw a diagram of both (or take a good picture) then that'd be of help as its very hard to work out what's going on from a discription alone


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This is from the Shiva owners manual:

Your amp comes with a 2 button (3 button for Reverb Models) footswitch. One for switching between the channels and one for engaging the boost on channel 2 and one for the reverb option if applicable. The footswitch jacks are located on the back panel. The top one is labled reverb, the bottom one channel/boost. The 2 button footswitch has one stereo (ring,ring,tip) ¼" plug which goes in the channel/boost jack. The 3 button footswich has a second plug, a mono ¼" plug (ring,tip), which goes into the reverb jack. If you don't know the difference between mono and stereo plugs look at them and you will notice the difference (Mono=tip,ring and Stereo=tip,ring,ring). Note, if you don't hook up the footswitch only channel 1 works (there is no other way than the footswitch to switch channels). On reverb models, the reverb is always on if the reverb footswitch plug isn't connected.

NOTE using the Shiva without the footswitch: Some people may not need to use their footswitch because they only need one channel to play thru. The Shiva defaults to the Clean channel with the Reverb on when no footswitch is plugged in, however to activate the High gain channel without using the footswitch you have two options: First option, plug in a "shorted" mono 1/4" instrument plug, this will give you the High gain channel with the Boost function engaged as well. Second option: plug in a "shorted" stereo 1/4" instrument plug, this will give you the High gain channel without the Boost function. Shorted means the tip and sleeve/ground are connected, using a "right-angle" plug is a good idea also since it has a low profile and will not protude out from the amp chassis very much. Also you can easily short the 1/4" plug internally, just solder a jumper between the two contacts.

That should get you where you need to be.

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