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Ibanez Desert Sun Yellow Paint Codes?

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I am reviving this thread.

If you have any info on the Paint Codes for Loch Ness Green or Desert Sun Yellow please post them here.

If you have experimented and have something close please post here.

I came up with some PPG paint chips that are close. In the late 80's I built a "Green Meanie" copy and used a Mopar color called Sublime.

These are some possibilities but I would love to get the real color.

Dodge 1970 Sublime

Dodge 1970 Orange

Dodge 1971 Green Go

Dodge 1971 Citron Yella

Dodge 1972 Sun Fire Yellow

Ford 1970 Last Stand Custard Bright Yellow

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Don't think your gonna get them. Changes to enviormental laws mean that the paints would probably have been reformulated in the last 10 years or so, so the code probably won't be accurate anyways.

I would go to your local paint jobber, especially if you have on that specializes in Custom paints. They will have books and swatches just pick the color that works for you.

They also can do some color matching if you desire.

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