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Pickups Mod For A Guitar (a Little Unusual)


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iv got a cheap sg, its gota nice neck/action. iv had it for a few years. but i want it as a back up guitar/main guitar on stage.

i was thinking of putting in a p90 on the bridge, a lipstick pickup in the middle and a 59 humbucker (or jaguar pickup) on the neck. wire them in so the 3 way switch changes pu. what do u think?

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Hey, i was just wondering if putting a p90 in the bridge, dano sd lipstick pickup and 59 humbucker in my cheap sg (it has got a nice neck and feel). just wondered peoples opinions

Not sure what you're asking (maybe English isn't your first language) but you can do anything you want to your guitar--it's your guitar after all.

I don't know about carving up the guitar just to put three different pickups in there. Might look a little odd (that's your call). I worry about the whether the pickups are balanced too--those Danos are pretty weak from I've read.

Why not just replace the existing pickups with better pickups that fit? If the guitar has humbuckers, you can find P90-type pickups in that shape.

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