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Newbie Router Bit Question


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So I'm trying to start routing cavities in my guitar. I bought a 1/2" diameter pattern flush trim bit, and started getting ready to use it when I noticed that it couldn't go deep enough. It needs to route about 1 11/16 deep. It looks like the bit I need just has to have a longer blade or shank. I'm just afraid that if the bit is too big, then it will not cut the contours correctly. I'm building a JEM copy. Could I just go down there with the template and try to fit the pilot into the various contours? Does anyone have any reccomendations or advice? Sorry if this question has been answered before.

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I started cutting today with my current bit, and I must say, routers are really amazing machines. Something about using them and having that perfect shape come out of a block, was just very cool to me. I had a chip in my monkey grip though, I thought I would fill it with some light-duty wood glue and sand flush. It was at the top, so it may end up getting rounded off, but still I don't want that chip piloting the rest of my cuts. Thanks a lot for the advice.

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