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Killswitch Ala Buckethead


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Hey guys!

I recently saw a Buckethead video on Youtube.com (search for bueckethead lesson, you'll find it) that had him playing his white les paul. The guitar was rigged up with an awesome killswitch that he used for super fast in/out signal cuts (think: the heavy Future Breed Machine solo by Meshuggah). it almost looked like a kill button, if that makes sense. I'd love to take out the tone pot of my RG7421 and replace it with one of these bad boys.

What do i need to get, where can i get it, and how do i do it?


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get a momentary on off switch from radio shack, unsolder the hot going to the jack and solder it to one lug on the switch, now solder a wire from that same lug to the hot lug on the jcak, now take the other lug on the kill switch and solder a wire from that to the ground lug on the jack. that should be it, I put a kill swith in my RG 7420 not that long ago and I love it.

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