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Tuning Problems

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Just to be clear about this:

Are your strings new? Or really old? In that case (old) get new ones and let them set for a few days. Old strings never stay in tune and new needs to set. Other things to check are the posts and the “knife” edges that rest on the posts. If they are dented or worn it will prevent the trem to return to its balancing point. And when talking about this: You have the trem floating, haven’t you? A trem that rests on the guitar body is a completely other beast.

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I don't think the lack of intonation would affect the tuning across the entire board. I mean, I had my Wilkinson Carvin for around a year before I even HEARD of the word "intonation." Intonation affects fretted notes, and I assume you're tuning the open strings.

I was thinking, though, and maybe your springs are junk. If they've lost their sproing, they're less able to retract into a "stable" position, and after a few whammy's, you'd be tuned out flat. Course, I dunno if there's an empirical or systematic way to check if your spring is unsprung. Sounds a bit like a medical condition :D I'd flip your axe over and see if you need replacement springs.

On a semi-related note... I had a dream last night that the guitar I'm building ended up having a tremolo in it.

One of the worst dreams I've had in a while :D

Good luck!

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