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Kramer Voyager restoration


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Hi All,

i just got my hands on a 80's Kramer voyager body. I want to restore this guitar back to original condition but I'm having a hard time finding info on what this guitar originally came with. I need to know what pickups, neck and tremolo it had, this is the later style body with the 3 humbuckers and pointed edges.


Sam :D

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Yeah i know it won't be original and i was thinking of just going to warmoth and buying a new neck, dropping in some SD's and a lopr Floyd but when I was 17 many years ago (12 to be exact) i had an original voyager that sounded great and played like butter. I guess I'm trying to recapture a long last day in my life.

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Well I'd like to get the correct neck for this body. So far I think I need the later pointy style neck that say's Kramer with the letters getting smaller and american in script. Worse case senario I will make it into a real player with a warmoth neck and speedloader but I hate to do that to such a cool looking guitar. The finish is a swirl paint lik the old Jems

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