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Best Headstock Angle?


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What is the consensus on headstock angle?

Looking for an angle that is shallow but will keep the strings steady and keep buzz away.

10 degrees looks nice but is it enough?

These are my choices:





More than 13 is too steep.

Thanks for the help,


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Jackson is 15 deg. Gibson did 17 for a while, but brought it down to -I think- 15 deg because they lost too many heads too easy with the steep angle. Too shallow an angle would require string trees to get enough downward force on the nut. I've heard generally that 11 deg minimum, but it would depend on the tuner post height as well.

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well, ive done a seven degree angle before...

In the interest of enlightenment (And I don't mean that in a smart arse way)

What did you find were the pos./negs of it.

what do you prefer to use? :D


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I finally glued it up.

I went with 10 degree.

I cut the maple with a crosscut saw and scraped and sanded the pieces smooth.

I held the wood in one hand while I held a sheet of sandpaper with the other against a flat surface.

The joint was perfect.

Just need a little clarification....

If I want to make a tapered headstock to imitate the graduated style tuners, the tip of the headstock needs to be thicker, correct?

Just in case the 10 degree is a problem, I can keep the top end of the headstock with more wood and shave it off if it is ok with a non-tapered head.


If I need to alter the tuner post to get it right, I will just make the head thicker.

Thanks for the input.

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hi all,

im just a newbie here :D (and just got curious on the topic)...i got a pic of a parkerfly and came to ask somebody here that knows on there headstock design...was parkerfly has a slight angled headstock or just as stratocaster does? and if it has an angled headstock what was the angle?

i never have a parkerfly in reality but planed on what ever!!!

thanx in advance.

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