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Blocking A Trem

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so, i need advice on blocking the floating tremolo on an Ibanez Rg 2020X. What tools would I need? What material, and if I can do this at home and if it is easy? It seems easy, measure cut and place? that's it right? Please help me, I ned to do this badly..I can't order a tremolo no, mainly bec i don't wanna use the trem at all, so the on an off wouldn't help I just want it off.. if there are any tutorials on the site, please don't scold me or ban me,I just couldn't find any, also.. I would need something on making a nut and attaching it..please point me to some links or anything, thanks alot.

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This is what I know, correct me if I'm wrong.

I remove all the strings, the tremolo depresses into the body bec it is pulled back due to the springs at the back in the tremolo cavity which have not been removed..right?

So then to push the trem back up and make it normal again I place a small wood block on one side, the side which is the spring side, not the other side. I also place a big one on the othe side incase i put really heavy strings and tune the guitar to B, or drop A, so that the bridge doesn't rise or depress? That is it right?

Also my guitar has a Piezo :D ..what should I do? :D

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No need to route, glue, screw.....just block trem with piece of wood.

Flip guitar over, open trem cover on the back......look at metal piece sticking through the body with the springs attached. That metal piece floats in a hole. Take piece of wood and fit it tightly between metal piece and the side of hole. (Start with area fatherest from the neck). When secure....loosen screws that hold that metal piece that holds the springs (closest to the neck).........remove the springs.......put piece of wood in hole opposite from the first woodenblock, put springs back on.......tighten screws........put cover back on.......re-tune....if done correctly the tremolo sits nice and flush with body. When tilted.....adjust wood pieces a bit so total looks nice.

Now if you ever want to sell guitar the trem can be activated with ease.

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