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Good Bass Neck Radius?

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They say a tighter radius, ala fender and the recommended 7.5" above, is better for chords. Whilst flatter radii are better for individual notes (hence why ibanezes, shred guitars, are damned near flat). On a bass... you won't find yourself playing too many chords I don't think... therefore, I'd go with a large radius say 16"

That being said, Fender basses still have like 9.5" radii.... rickenbackers have 10"... and then on the other end there's warwick who have REDICULOUSLY flat ones.... on their site it gives it in mm but I think I remember it working out to a radius of like 25" or something?! The bass I'm building right now (modeled to play and sound quite similarly to a warwick) will have a 16" radius.


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