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Uhm How Do They Do That?


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les pauls can have the channel routed before the top is put on or you can drill through from the neck pickup cavity and run it same way as pickup wires. explorer i think have a channel routed in the body under the pick guard up about as close as possible to control cavity then drilled through. i think in soome dime style guitars i've seen long back plates up the lower horn.others have tops like les paul. suprised they were the guitars you questioned,only one that ever puzzled me was when V's had the input on the upper wing.

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just out of curiosity how is it that on guitars like explorers, les pauls, and firebirds they are able to get the selector switch ALL the way across the body away from the actual control cavity? like a 3 foot drill bit or something?

You can cross drill with a long bit. It is better to route pathways before you glue down the top (assuming it has a top).


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I was actually thinking of a solution to the pickup-wire problem (But I'm sure someone else has thought of it already).

With my neck-through ESP Explorer (no crazy pickup switch to worry about :D ), I mauled the corners of the two pickup cavities pretty bad, trying to get a hole between them. I know that I could have routed and filled a channel, but I didn't *feel* like it, hahaha.

Anyways, I was thinking that with a neck-through design, to route a channel through the middle of the bottom body wing. Like, estimate where the pickup cavities are going to fall, and route maybe a 3/8" dia channel through the middle of the wing, like taking out the middle of a sandwich. Then it would be very easy to run the pickup wires to the cavity without using a pickguard. Hell, if you wanted to, you could then drill a hole to the proposed area of the control cavity before gluing the wings on!

The only thing you might have to worry about is the glue seeping in the channel and blocking it.

Pretty genius, if I might say so *pats self on back*

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I have only made a few bolt ons and i used one of those long aircraft bits

and i drilled through the neck cavity clear through to the bridge pickup.

Then from the rear cavity into the bridge pickup.

All my guitars are fully sheilded so i dont use a ground to bridge.

If i made a neck through i would drill from the butt end to the pickup cavities.

Same goes for an exploer switch

i would drill the best angle through the horn through the switch cavity

into the neck pickup cavity

on the last two suggetions i would pray my ass of i drilled a strait hole LOL

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