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Hey everybody. I was wondering if i could get some help with building my first neck. I've read up some on the subject, but im still fairly confused about a few things.

ok, heres the plan so far

Gibson Flying V style guitar

TOM bridge

22 or 24 frets

bolt on neck

(so i can swap it out if there is a problem with it and build a new one)

Currently choosing between 3 tuners on a side (gibson style, with a traditional "v" headstock)

or 6 on a side (like jacksons,) either would work.

Buying a pre-slotted/radiused fretboard from stewmac is an option i havent counted out yet, but id like to save that as a last resort if possible.

So, id appreciate if anybody could give me some info about any or all of the following:

How to calculate scale length, and what is better/worse/different about the different standard (or commonly used) scale lengths?

How scale length relates to fret position? (i have a means of calculating fret spacing)

How should i determine the string spacing?

How can i calculate a suitable neck angle?

How do i determine a proper headstock angle?

How to determine pickup and bridge placement?

And finally, whats the proper bridge height?

Just a bunch of standard questions. Better to be safe than sorry. As always, help is much appreciated.

Thanks- Jesse

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Draw out a full scale blueprint of your guitar first. If you dont have all of your parts yet, you can usually find someone that can give you dimensions of the parts. Most of the questions you asked depend on the kind of hardware you plan on using. And if you dont already have it, buy melvyns book as al suggested, its a wealth of knowledge, and the best tool you will ever buy.

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I think 25.5 is the most comon scale lenght. Its used by fender and others. I think gibson uses a 24.75. The smaller the scale lenght the closer the frets will be together. The String spacing is determined by the nut size. Be sure to allow for about a 1/8 inch space between the edge of the fret bord to the out side string, so its not hanging over the edge. This can help find the neck angle http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...p;hl=neck+angle . As for the headstock angle its usually betwee 13 to 15 degrees. Good luck

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