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Hipshot Bridge Dimensions

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I've got an 8-string bridge winging it's way to me, but I really want to get to work on the neck. What hipshot don't provide (anymore) are the string spacings on their bridges which is a pain!

The six-string bridges provide a 2-1/16" (52.4mm) spread which is approximately 0.4125" (10.57mm) between saddles. If the spacing is equal on the eight (or indeed, seven) string versions I guess I'll be looking at 2.8875" (73mm). Can anyone confirm this possible saddle spacing correlation between the sixs and the seven/eights? I can get butchering that purpleheart and oak neck-tenon then!

Six-string bridge product linky (with specs)

Eight-string bridge product linky

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Hey dude. I did a few guitar designs based around the hipshot bridges a while ago. havent got the designs to hand to tell you the exact sizes (got them off the hipshot website when it still had them). But the string spacing (individual string spacing that is) is identical on all the bridges that look like that one (plus the tremolos). Best guitar parts (google it) have the diagram for the 6 string still on their website.

Hope that helps


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