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How Thick Should A Body Be?

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If your finished guitar is goingg to be 1.75" then a 1.75" body blank is optimal.... why would you need to add more wood? Also, a body can really be anywhere from like 1.25-3"+ there's really no bounds, as long as you can make it work. For set neck and bolt on 1.5"-1.75" is pretty standard, but if you're building a neck thru, like the bass I'm working on, you don't have to have wood under the neck to support and glue/bolt to, so you can get away with thinner, like in my case, and Rickenbacker neck-thru basses' case, 1.25".


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Agreed with all of the above. I would add that you can get away with thicker bodies if thought it put into the playing positions and comfort carves. An arm contour, beer contour and good access around the heel can make a thicker guitar easier and more comfortable to play than say, a Tele for example :-D

To a greater degree, the angle the neck meets the body and the bridge height can radically change the comfort or playability of a guitar too.

Perhaps I'm looking too far into your question, and answering with other question's answers if you see what I mean...hahah....

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Just make sure you can mount all your hardware and your neck solidly, really;

I like thick-ish bodies, think 2.25-2.5" thick at the center, but with pretty deep carves on back and top as well as belly contouring and chambering. Otherwise, if it's a solid intstrument, bit less thickness.

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